A4e – All 4 Emma!

As a long-suffering public servant, I know the truth about private sector involvement in public services. I can’t go into details, simply because I am bound by various laws, acts and disciplinary codes, but I can summarize it briefly without giving anything away that anyone of reasonable intelligence doesn’t already know: We’re being screwed!

If anyone is naïve enough to think that recent revelations involving A4e (supposedly Action For Employment) relate to one bad company, or bad employees within a company, then I feel sorry for them. A4e have been rumbled. I’m sure that, just as Asda kept their heads down whilst Tesco copped all the flak for employing people to work for nothing, there are a few, as yet un-named, companies, who are staying under the radar, and bricking it.

Pay Frozen

Next month I face having my pay frozen for the nth year running, and facing increased pension contributions, whilst there seems to be loads of cash for bailing out bankers, sending troops to their deaths abroad, and chucking fortunes at private companies to tick boxes on paper to indicate that they’ve got people into work. I’d have thought that you’d measure the success of such a project by a fall in unemployment, but that keeps going up. But no, as the figures rise inexorably upwards, companies can return their tick sheets and get loadsamoney in return.

Is it any wonder that Emma Harrison, the major shareholder in A4e, is very rich? Of course she can wash her hands of the actions of some of the poor bloody infantry who work for A4e. By giving them impossible targets or they lose their own job, what do you expect? Total honesty? They take the blame, but the money made is All 4 Emma.

Create Real Jobs

Meanwhile the money spent on A4e and similar firms could have been channelled directly into job creation – how about public works, building homes for people? You get people off the dole in to well-paid jobs, and are able, as a result, to provide affordable housing. At the same time you can give the young proper apprenticeships in the trade.


And you keep it under public control – you can’t just hand a  private company a load of money to create jobs and expect them to do so. They tried it with McDonalds. £10 million and not one single new job. Although creating new jobs at McDonalds at a time of attacks on the NHS would appear to be a form of genocide of the working classes if you ask me!

Anyway here are some links to newspaper reports about A4e:

Before I close – I want to comment on the arrogance of these people. In the Champagne culture article, how did they expect that they could use an unemployed person on workfare to sign a load of expense claims and not blab about it afterwards? Unbelievable!


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