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Hacking the Lenco L-3808 turntable

As promised, I’ll let you know of some of the hacks I’ve used to try to get a better sound on my record deck. First you should read my previous article about the turntable. Some are more orthodox than others, some are cheap, some less so.

Isolating the Platform or the Feet

My turntable is on a slide-out shelf. It’s joined to the runners by four layers of velcro. This means that the platform is isolated from other vibrations in the room, but if I tap the shelf while a record is playing, you can see how important that is, the noise comes straight through the speakers. If you can’t isolate your shelf, you can maybe put some soft material under each of the feet. Some cork coasters should do the trick. Continue reading →

A Cheaper Record Deck

Problems with the Project RPM Genie One

Since 2008, I was using a Pro-Ject RPM Genie One, to play my vinyl records on. It was cheap for its time and quality, but there was definitely several down sides to owning one.

  1. The motor only went at one speed, so you changed speed by swapping the belt between two pulleys on the motor spindle.
  2. The tonearm didn’t have anti-skate, resulting in records often jumping forwards as they were playing.
  3. The belt itself had to be quite loose, otherwise it would pull the motor and the turntable parts together.
  4. The belt had a habit of falling off and it wasn’t as easy as you’d think to put it back on again.
  5. The belt got looser over time, and given that it’s a glorified elastic band, I think that £20 is a bit much for a replacement. The outcome is that the records took a long time to come up to speed, and even then, were about 3% too slow.
  6. When my domestic situation changed, due to space, I had to put the deck on a slide-out shelf, which made getting the belt back on, and even switching the deck on and off, very awkward! Both the spindle where you hook on the drive belt, and the on-off switch are located at the back, and the shelf doesn’t come all the way out!

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