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A cheap Linux laptop

A few weeks ago, I bought a laptop, a Lenovo B50-45, for £160 brand new. It has a 15.6in screen, and is big enough to include a numeric keypad! Surely it can’t be any good for that money!! I got it from Ebuyer, though at the time of writing they are temporarily out of stock, but with the promise of more to come. But still for that same price.

Reviews were surprisingly good, but I tend to look at the worst ones first, and they complained of a lack of speed, that you were often waiting for the computer to catch up. However, it’s running Windows 8. My intention was always to use PCLinuxOS 64-bit XFCE edition. So let’s see how the hardware stacks up.


  • AMD Dual Core E1-6010 1.35GHz processor ought to cope with Linux, comfortably.
  • It has a single chip of 4Gb RAM, but has two SODIMM DDR3 slots, and can take a total of 16Gb RAM. A second 4Gb in the other slot could take it up to 8Gb. But in any case, you’d think that 4Gb would run Linux OK.
  • 5400rpm Hard Drive, 320Gb. Hmmm, could be a problem. The question is how get-at-able is it, could it be changed for a solid state drive?
  • Radeon R2 graphics which I know little about.

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