More Collibosher Videos, from 19 May 2012

Better quality live videos taken at open-air gig in Harlow (4th June 2012)

Previous videos from Gerpins Farm

We had another practice session at Gerpins Lane stage room, and I set up the DV camera again. For some reason, it did not pick up the bass very well. It’s a domestic DV camcorder, with a built-in mic, but last time it picked it up OK. Who knows? Anyway we did some more videos and here they are:


If it’s good enough for The Jam and The Who ….



The Who’s barnstormer! Gotta be done.


Batman Theme

Just for fun!


My Father’s Name was Dad

A song by 60’s garage band The Fire.


In The Crowd

Another song by The Jam – we like them – a lot!


Keep On Running

Great song, still needs a bit of work – but we’re getting there.


The Place I Love

Another Jam song! Do we do too many? Is there any such thing as too many Jam songs?


2 responses

  1. I’d completely forgotten about My Father’s name is Dad. Didn’t bits of The Fire kind of morph into The Strawbs?

  2. Dave, is that you making all that noise? LOL I made it through the first three songs. I will have to return for the rest. It takes a little getting used to. 🙂

    Looks like you are having a great time!!

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