Collibosher Videos!

Better quality live videos taken at open-air gig in Harlow (4th June 2012)

Newer videos shot at Gerpins Farm (19th May 2012)

Yesterday (28 April 2012) we booked the stage room at Gerpins Farm for a practice. I was introduced to my new bass amp. I also brought along my video camera, as last time we practiced there, Russ’s partner Vicki came with their video camera, but it wouldn’t work! This time neither Vicki nor their camera turned up, but there is a cupboard at the back of the room, far enough away, and at the right height for a nice shot of the stage. After we’d been through our normal practice run, we switched on the camera, crossed our fingers, and hoped it all came out OK. After all, it’s an old DV tape camera, with a built in mic, and was just sitting on a wooden shelf, so we were not expecting too much!

As it turns out, they came out pretty well, a little vocal distortion but nothing serious. Maybe the drums could have come through louder, especially on the guitar solos, but a fair balance nevertheless. Intended for our own use, they are good enough to publish to the world! And here they are!!

The Butterfly Collector

We love this song by The Jam!

Evil Hearted You

Yardbirds classic.

Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Originally recorded by The Kinks, covered by David Bowie on Pin-Ups, when you listen to some music today, you have to wonder….

High Heel Sneakers

Just an old R&B number …

Till The End Of The Day

Another Kinks favourite of ours. See also our earlier video at The Crown, where we played “She’s Got Everything” (second song).

Thick As Thieves

We actually recorded this Jam song for our own review, to see if we could get it nearly right and work some kinks (small “k”) out of it, but it came out as good as we’ve ever played it. A few bum bass notes (sorry!) near the end, but getting there!

Song of a Baker

Small Faces classic from Ogdens Nut Gone Flake.


Blur’s bit of fun.

We hope you enjoy these videos!

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  1. Great set look forward to seeing the band live!!

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