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Practical Stuff on the Cubot X12

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Update 21 Jan 2018: Apps keep getting bigger, and after a while, the 1Gb RAM and 8Gb ROM can no longer cope. So I found a new use for the phone, as a Bluetooth Jukebox. The InfraRed feature on the phone made it even better.

On my old Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, I used to use a program launcher called Solo, rather than the one built in. It’s a great way to build your Home screen on an Android phone. Since switching to the X12, with a lot of problems resolved regarding speed and lock-ups, I started getting more picky about the “little things”. One of which was the tendency for the Weather Clock and Calendar Applets to freeze from time to time, necessitating a reboot.

One of the reasons I found, on the internet, for this was that they are being crashed by over-enthusiastic “memory cleaners”, of which Solo has one built in. I tried a number of other Launchers, and generally they had the same problem. And they could not do what Solo did, to vary the screen grid (I think it looks better with 5 rows and 4 columns, than the standard 4×4). Continue reading →

A Cheap Android Phone

One of the things that enables the British people to ripped off by Big Business, is their mistaken belief that the more you pay, the better product you will get. This is illustrated by a couple I used to know. The man of the house could tell Heinz Tomato Ketchup apart from rival brands and supermarket brands. He could taste the difference! However when the lady of the house craftily filled an empty Heinz bottle with Aldi own-brand ketchup, the Aldi sauce, when served from a Heinz bottle, tasted exactly like Heinz. Indeed, he could distinguish the flavours of Aldi ketchup from a Heinz bottle and Aldi ketchup from an Aldi bottle, the first being delicious and the latter being rubbish. Continue reading →