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Great Night Out in Dartford for Collibosher

Collibosher LogoWe had another great night out in Dartford at the Huffler’s Arms on Saturday, 15th September. It was one of those nights of extremes. The crowd was noisy and boisterous, which is great if they like us, but if they didn’t, I think we’d have had a hard time!

But then again, if, with our material, we couldn’t give the “scooter” crowd a good time, then we’d deserve all we got. With the stuff we play, The Who, The Jam, The Kinks, Small Faces and so on, these are our core audience. If we can’t make them happy, we don’t deserve to be playing. That’s always a worry but we needn’t have.

I think that we have a different outlook to a lot of 60s/70s Britpop cover bands. We’re not interested in perfection, we want to give the people the energy they might have got back in 1965 or so, actually watching these bands, not necessarily the more refined, produced music you heard on records of the day. They’re too young to have heard these songs live at the time, we are too! And, especially me, we’re too old to leap around the stage like demented salmons, so that energy has to go into the music itself. That’s why I think they like us.

Watch some of the videos from that night, and you might get what I’m on about. I’ve played on and off in bands (more off to be fair) all my adult life, and this is the first time the two most important things have come together. One that we like what we’re playing, and, two, that people want to hear us. It’s always been one or the other before, now at the grand old age of 58, I’m finally fulfilling an ambition that I thought I never would. I don’t need fame, or even to be able to give up my day job. Just playing to a crowd of people who respond to what we’re doing, that’s what I want!

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