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USB 3.0 7-way Hub — Beware!

I get a lot of stuff on line, and much of it is really cheap. This particular USB Hub seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. So I ordered it. £8? You can’t go wrong.

7-ports-usb3 Continue reading →

HUION 610 Graphics Tablet and Linux

EDIT 27th August 2019: I have found out what caused the problem with the v5 kernels in PCLinuxOS. Having discovered the problem the solution is simple, so on we go!

EDIT: 5th September 2019: This article got unpublished in error. I do intend to rewrite it, but it’s best to have something there in the meantime!

Just over a year ago, I did a piece about using the HUION 610 Graphics Tablet with Linux. It’s time to update what I did last year. But one thing is for certain. The Huion 610 and 610Pro are much cheaper than Wacom tablets, and are said to work on Linux. And it’s not too hard to get them working.

So here’s how to get it set up in two different Linux Operating Systems (you may jump ahead to find out about MX-Linux): Continue reading →

British English on a US Keyboard


I keep reading “reviews” on Ebay and Amazon UK that British people are buying keyboards on line, only to find that they are American. The main problem they have is that the keyboard does not have a Sterling sign (£) on it, the quotedbl (“) and at sign (@) are swapped over. The key that produces hash and tilde has backslash and pipe on it, backslash and pipe are no longer available, as there is one key less on the US keyboard! Everything will appear in the same place on the keyboard as they did before, but the legends on the keys are wrong. Continue reading →