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Would you like fries with that Gold Medal?

Olympics = Big Business

The Olympics ought to be the greatest sporting show on earth. And, in part, it will be, but the way that corporate interests are being catered for leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Some would say the same about “Fries”, those fried pieces of mash and flour served in fast food joints that have the cheek to call themselves restaurants. It takes a clown to come up with that one! But what if we don’t want “fries” but proper chips? You know, thick cut from real potatoes? And what’s the connection with the Olympics?

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Wonderful Evening!


Wow, barely recovering from last night! In case you hadn’t been following up until now, my band Collibosher played at the Cherry Tree Pub in Dagenham last night, in aid of the SANDS charity.

Didn’t start too well though. We had to play the whole evening, because The Snare couldn’t make it. One of their number was inconsolable following a bereavement, and they had to pull out. Still, two of the band turned up in their two-tone stage gear, to give us moral support, which was a nice touch. But first, we ran through a few songs we thought we ought to rehearse one last time, in the basement. Then we moved our gear up to the stage, we had serious problems with getting the PA right, and getting the DJs to stand down for a bit so that we could have a sound check. Which finally happened after 7.30 when people were arriving! So far, not very good.

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It’s a big one tonight

I first picked up a bass guitar around about the age of 16. I even recorded a couple of songs with some lads from school. Mick Perry, Dhev Nair and Steve Isaacs where are you now? I had a few periods in a few groups, but it was all a long time ago. Last time I played in public, before Collibosher, must have been around 25 years ago or more.

There were two types of band I was in back in those days, the type that enjoyed what we did, but no-one wanted to hear it, and the type that could get bookings but our heart wasn’t really in it. With Collibosher,  it all feels different, it’s as though we can enjoy playing and people can enjoy listening. That’s a great feeling.

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Things can only get better…

Remember the defeat of John Major’s Tories, and smiley Tony Blair PM (an anagram for I’m Tory Plan B, too true as it turned out) and dancing John Prescott? Somehow, what followed will always taint my view of that song. After my last blog, the final insult took place! But since then things have picked up, with a couple of surprises that I was not expecting.

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