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The more I find out, the less I know!

You need to have read the previous two parts of this saga before proceeding.

How (not) to install Windows 7 on a USB3 computer

What could possibly go wrong?


So, there I was, having resolved all the problems, including the one caused by an assumption that, despite an Ethernet cable having worked correctly for a long time, that it still worked! The problem was, that after a day or so, the cable I replaced it with, began to develop the same problems. Too much of a co-incidence? Continue reading →

What could possibly go wrong?

I had just installed Windows 7, and didn’t I do it the hard way!

So there I was, sitting with a computer running Windows 7. It’s all in 100Gb of a 2Tb drive. I’ve got four other operating systems on an external drive which need putting back, along with a large data partition. So I ran a live USB (acutally PCLinuxOS KDE-Darkstar) which has GParted on it, so I can do the rest of the partitioning and get my Linux back. Continue reading →

How (not) to install Windows 7 on a USB3 computer

Yesterday, I finally managed to put Windows 7 on a totally USB3 computer. It’s only occupying a small part of my hard drive and exists for when something just isn’t possible on Linux, like setting the BIOS splash screen.


At least that’s Windows 10 gone. Even if you need to pop into Windows for 15 minutes to do a little task, it finds ways of bothering you, (That’s even after you’ve switched off whatever-her-name-is!) with little jingles, telling you that it’s downloaded something for you (not that you asked it to), and telling you to send all kinds of personal info to Microsoft. Continue reading →