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Collibosher Videos!!

Yesterday (28 April 2012) we booked the stage room at Gerpins Farm for a practice. I was introduced to my new bass amp. I also brought along my video camera, as last time we practiced there, Russ’s partner Vicki came with their video camera, but it wouldn’t work! This time neither Vicki nor their camera turned up, but there is a cupboard at the back of the room, far enough away, and at the right height for a nice shot of the stage. After we’d been through our normal practice run, we switched on the camera, crossed our fingers, and hoped it all came out OK. After all, it’s an old DV tape camera, with a built in mic, and was just sitting on a wooden shelf, so we were not expecting too much!

As it turns out, they came out pretty well, a little vocal distortion but nothing serious. Maybe the drums could have come through louder, especially on the guitar solos, but a fair balance nevertheless. Intended for our own use, they are good enough to publish to the world! And here they are!!

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PCS Members in DWP – Your Vote Counts!

If you are a PCS Member in DWP, by now you should have received your ballot papers for the DWP Group Executive Committee elections. If you want a union that continues to lead the fight on your behalf, then you must vote Left Unity. Here are the candidates to vote for:

PCS DWP Left Unity Candidates

PCS DWP Left Unity Candidates

Have you voted yet in the National Executive Committee elections? If not, the Left Unity candidates are listed here.

Good news for a change

My brother and singer of Collibosher, Mark, seems to be a bit of a terror when it comes to microphone leads. He always ends up sounding like the feller out of Wheeltappers and Shunters Club before the lead packs in totally. The obvious solution? Wireless mics! Russ reckoned the cheapest ones that are good enough come in a pair, well over £100, from Maplin’s. I found what I thought he was referring to on Maplin’s site, £169.99. I had a look for reviews on the net. General view is that they have a very good sound, well above the price. So I looked for other sellers, and found one for £137.90!

The receiver mixes both mics through a single jack lead (supplied) but if you get balanced XLRs you can plug them into your PA separately, so I ordered a couple of short leads. Also a stand for me. And a 6m guitar lead for my bass. £171 all told. Well everything except the 6m lead arrived today, and I’ve also got a refund because the mics, advertised on line at £137.90, have been reduced to £129.00, £40.99 cheaper than Maplins!

Won’t be able to test the quality until the weekend’s practice, but so far it leaves me thinking I’ve done pretty well.

I don’t think Russ was thinking of the mics I got, because the ones he was thinking of did not have the option for separate channels into the PA. These ones are the next ones up by the same firm (KAM) so I’m pleased.

Vote Left Unity/Democracy Alliance in PCS Elections!

Do you want our Union to continue to lead the way? Would you prefer one that tells you that submission is a victory because they won the right to negotiate small details? For a PCS that continues to fight, vote for these people in the National Executive Committee elections!

Hey I must be a star I’m playing for “Cheridee”

My band Collibosher has a few gigs lined up.

On 7th July we are proud to be supporting a wonderful Ska band called The Snare, find them on YouTube they’re great! This will be a charity event for “UK-Sands” (Stillborn And Neonatal Death) and the Cherry Tree is going to be a great venue.


2nd June The Victoria Powers Hall End Witham Essex CM8 1LT 2:15pm
4th June Horn & Horseshoes Foster Street Harlow Essex CM17 9HX 6:30pm
7th July The Cherry Tree Wood Lane Dagenham Essex RM8 3LJ
10th November Fiddlers Elbow 1 Malden Road Camden London NW5 3HS
Times to be announced.

A very good evening!

Actually, it’s been a very good Easter weekend, though before Thursday it hadn’t promised much!

It still threatened not to turn out as good as it did, when I was picked up by Chris, our guitarist, to go to band practice, Man¢h€$t€r ¢it€h were somehow clinging on to 0-0, but this all changed by the time we picked up my brother, Mark, from the Cherry Tree. Arteta, Goal, 1-0 to the Arsenal! I used to go to matches, but in those days you didn’t need a season ticket, you could stand on the terraces and have a laugh. Unfortunately times have changed, it’s all about money these days. Never more so than when you play ¢it€h and ¢h€£$ki. When you’ve had so many good players defect to the blue half of Manchester, with promises of trophies and huge salaries using money robbed by a Sheikh from his people, it’s not only nice to show them a little class, but also to beat them. Deservedly and decisively despite the scoreline.

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Life back on track…

Yesterday I went to see my girlfriend. We had a great day. Before I left, she told me something that may have a bearing on why she is so lacking in confidence. I’m not going to share it here, suffice to say that couples argue, and in doing so say things they don’t mean to hurt each other. Some of those things may have a greater, longer term effect. If you meet someone at my age, they always have a past, and you never know what that past may have done to them. Overall, it was a day that made me feel that our decision to get back together again was the right one. It was lovely.

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It’s Easter!


Easter is supposed to be the annual celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Which is why it’s not at the same time every year, but depends on the cycle of the moon. And why we celebrate by stuffing ourselves with chocolate eggs, and represent Easter with images of rabbits.

Hmmm… moon cycles, eggs, rabbits. All seems a bit “pagan fertility” to me. And the word Easter itself – it comes from an Old English word “Ēostre“, a pre-Christian Germanic Pagan festival.

But who gives two hoots? We get an extra two days off work and for that reason, I love it!

Happy Easter everyone…

Looking for hairs on my palm…

They say that a well-known sign of madness is hair on the palm of your hand, but better evidence is looking for it. Well I must be looking for a forest of hair on my palms.

Last night my girlfriend (for want of a better term but you know what I mean) contacted me. First off I rebuffed her. The sensible side of my brain said that anything else would be stupid, but I knew then it was a losing battle, as my heart had already skipped a beat when I got the message. She contacted me again, and basically a sort of dialogue took place. I couldn’t sleep in the end and had to take a day’s leave today.

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Time to cut my losses

I’m sad, very sad. But what do you do?

This time a week ago, I thought I’d cemented my relationship with a very special woman. An hour later, it lay in tatters. I knew she was jealous, and I knew that sometimes her mind made some strange connections. But the way that she looked at me sometimes, it could melt my heart. I thought that was the rest of my life sitting across the table. We’d had a quite special day, and she was probably right. Without the aid of a mirror, I would guess that, yes, I had never appeared so happy in my entire life. Understandable really. I was with the woman I loved, away from my home, away from hers, away from family, away from work, just us, no pressures. Bliss.

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