Remotes: Autumn 2019 Update

Two years have passed since I wrote about the URC-6440 Remote and how it works with the RemoteMaster software from HifiRemote. Most of what I wrote hasn’t changed, but what has changed is important to know.

The original documents were here:
Using the One-For-All Simpleset 4 Remote
How to work remote master programme
Using RMIR to add extra functions

Firstly, the One-for-all URC-6440 is very difficult to get hold of these days, and the price is prohibitive when you can. You’ve more chance with the North American equivalent, the One-For-All OARUSB04G. The main difference with this version is that it’s Black instead of White, with all the buttons in the same place, though the labels vary a little. It’s essentially the same remote. I got one from the USA, with postage and import duty still bringing in the overall price under £15. It’s not available any more at that price, but it’s still possible to get one!

Secondly, due to changes in the Linux system, and also an error in the partitioning system inside these two remotes (the same error), they don’t automount like they used to, for Linux users. I suspect that this is a defence against dodgy hardware used to break into systems. However they can be made to mount, see further on. Windows users aren’t affected as far as I know. It works on Windows 7 and I’ve not tested it on Windows 10, and won’t until I’m forced to “up”-grade.

This link is for Linux users to enable automount
Using USB Remotes with Linux

The following links require that you join the site forum in order to download some files:
Download the latest version of RemoteMaster
This link is to get the extender software from the HifiRemote site
This link is to show how to convert settings files between OARUSB04G and URC6440

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