Monthly Archives: February, 2021

Skmei watches — Cheap and Fun

I wrote about some cheap watches I had, and with Christmas presents, I now have two more. I thought that I would add a review, from scratch, of all the Skmei watches I have. Some I have had for a couple of days, others a couple of months now. The type I’ve avoided is where there are both digital and analogue displays with totally separate movements. All watches drift a little, but if I had two displays on a watch which drifted apart from each other, it would drive me mad. The three dual display types I have, have only one movement between both digital and analogue and stay in time with each other. More of that when I come to each watch.

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Orage and XFCE4.16

Continuing to use Orage calendar after its discontinuation, also without XFCE at all.

As always, I can only help with two distros, PCLinuxOS and MX-Linux, though the principles are much the same for many distros, you will have to adapt the part about getting Orage installed. This method will also work for non-XFCE desktops and I have used it in the past to install Orage on other desktops.

Why would I want to do this? Well, if you look at my previous article, on Linking Orage to your Google Calendar, you can see what a powerful application it is. Sadly, it is compiled to depend on the XFCE panel, with GTK-2 support, and is not being developed further. With other panels, and with XFCE’s “upgrade” to GTK-3, it will not run in the panel. What I found is, if you remove the XFCE panel dependencies, it will run on any Linux desktop using GTK-2 libraries.

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