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Jealousy – from the other side

Over the last couple of days, I’ve reported how jealousy destroyed what I thought could have been a very special love. She always told me how comfortable she was with me, how good I made her feel, and more, but underlying this was a jealous streak which I thought was slowly being overcome. How wrong I was.

I’ve had lots of support both on my wall, and in private messages. But one of them, from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, so I’ll refer to her as Abigail (because I don’t know anyone by that name!), was different to the others. Abigail also suffers from jealousy, her own! It doesn’t just mess up one life, it messes up both. It helps to understand things from the other guy’s point of view sometimes.

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A day of reflection…

I got lots of messages yesterday, both on my Facebook page and as private messages. Yesterday’s article got quite a few reads too! What became clear yesterday was that if someone can’t control their jealousy it will always be there, eating away.

She had observed during Wednesday that she had never seen me happier. Well that was obvious, there were just the two of us, in a town that I find very relaxing, no thoughts of work etc. You’d think that she’d be happy, that it would prove that I was happy with her and at my happiest when we could get away together with no distractions.

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Jealousy ruins lives

About a year ago, I started going out with a very lovely woman. I’d met her on February 14th (St Valentines Day!) on line, but we only met up as friends at first, before growing increasingly to love each other. The more I saw her, the more I fell in love with her, and she felt the same way about me.

Green-eyed monster emerges

Last July, my ex-girlfriend came up to get some LP records that she’d left at my flat. She had no interest in getting a turntable, but her new boyfriend did, so she came to get them back. We were still good friends, though no more than that. We had a pleasant afternoon before she went home. Of course I told my new girlfriend about this. She instantly became very jealous. I didn’t have to tell her, but I did. Honest to a fault, that’s my problem I guess.

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Back early from Malta

Well, we had a nice week in Malta but came back a week early – it would be wrong for me to post the full details on a public page, but we had  a fall-out with the person we were staying with.

My girlfriend and I are still together, and we’ll be spending the other week of our holiday together, and we will return to Malta in the future, What we did see of it was beautiful.

Meanwhile, I got the news on line that the strike planned for 28th March is not going ahead. My Union PCS is committed to taking action with other unions, but unfortunately the other major player in this dispute, the NUT, had already decided not to take national action on this date, just in London. It’s disappointing, but the fight for our pensions goes on.

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Getting away from it all

Two weeks away from Britain, Work, British Politicians (The government because of their evil policies and the opposition because they don’t) and all the other things that are annoying me at the moment. Still, thanks to the internet I doubt whether I’ll be able to escape totally!

I’ve been told the weather in Malta is improving! Anyway, things to do…..

PCS Votes to Support Action

All out on March 28th!

All out on March 28th!

It has just been announced on the PCS WebSite that the vote we have been taking part in, has given a very large majority to continue with action, and an overwhelming majority to reject what’s on the table. The PCS National Executive now has to meet and decide what to do, which will depend in part on what happens in a number of other unions.


Here is the report.

The National Committee meets next week, so if you are a PCS member, watch out for more stuff from the PCS National Website.

No work today… off tomorrow!


Maltese Islands

I had a nice lie-in this morning, now it’s on to the serious stuff of packing. Things to do…. I must locate the charger for my camera battery – very important! I know the passport isn’t far. I’ve packed enough clothes I think. Medications.

The worst thing to me about flying out is not the thought of crashing. It’s the period from when you’ve closed your suitcase until when you get it back and open it, being convinced that you forgot something important.

Murder in Marsascala!

I am staying in Malta, in a town called Marsascala. Lovely place, but just to make me feel like I’m still here in the East End, they’ve gone and had a murder! This is a small island, and if someone farts, everyone in the country knows who did it, so I expect that the killer will be brought to justice. But a few days before you’re due to fly out, it’s not the best timing, is it?

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Facebook – Don’t add to the suffering of families

That’s a title isn’t it. How can you, a simple facebook user, make the suffering of certain families worse? Oh it’s so simple and so many people do it.

But at last there is a serious campaign against the “Sick child share hoaxes”. The latest such story doing the rounds is that of the “little girl with the huge belly“. Once again the story goes that for every time her photo is shared, money will be donated, enabling her to have an operation.


The first question one ought to ask is this: if a company, person, entity or Facebook itself, was going to donate money, don’t you think there would be a link to some more information on the internet, rather than some linguistically-challenged blurb under the photo, saying that someone will donate but not providing any evidence to back it up?

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Express Hypocrisy on Pensions

Finally escaped the office. I should have a huge smile on my face, but I managed to get angered on the way home. Popped into the corner shop and the Daily Express headline was screaming out at me: NEW EU RULES WRECK PENSIONS!! Not wanting to buy the Tory rag, I had a quick peek, and found the article on the internet. It’s basically speculation about rules for Sexual Equality making saving for one’s retirement more expensive for men. Meanwhile, when this Con-dem government, and private employers, wreck pensions for their own employees, the Excess just attacks the workers! Typical really.

Part of the article reads:

Under the proposals, 6,400 UK companies with defined benefit or final salary schemes would be required to put in considerable sums to cut their deficits.

But experts warn this would cost billions of pounds, cause huge job losses and force the closure of the remaining generous final salary pension schemes.

Hang on, isn’t that what companies are doing anyway? So it’s not the fault of employers wanting to maximise profits at the expense of their workforce, or the Government stealing from public sector workers to pay the bankers. It’s all the fault of the EU’s gender equality regulations. Yeah, right! Well I’m no lover of the EU, but let’s not blame them for what this government is doing.

One more day to go…

I remember when I was at school a song we used to sing on the last day of term:

One more day to go
One more day of sorrow
One more day in this old dump
And we’ll be home tomorrow

Well I’m at work tomorrow – not that I get to my office until the afternoon, yet another personal case to deal with in another office. Then back to my own office, hopefully clear up some guff then I’m FREE! I’ve got Friday at home to do whatever I like, then on Saturday early evening on a plane to Malta with my lovely girlfriend. We will be staying with another friend I met on the net (though we met in London shortly before she moved to Malta!).

By the way I just made another friend on the net, from Malta, another Spagnol! My dad comes from there, I wonder if we could be related? That’s another meeting I need to arrange once there!