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Facebook and its Messages on your Smartphone

There has been much speculation about changes to the Messenger program on smartphones. As if it’s some great conspiracy to steal your data, report your activities to the government or its secret services, or worse, advertisers! I can report that such worry is nonsense. I’m sure that there is enough stuff around the internet explaining both sides of this argument. I will say this about it: The Android system, used on a large number of smartphones, expects that permissions (to access parts of your phones hardware/features) are given to programs when you first install them, and that, in explaining what this means, generates a message to you that the hardware can be accessed “at any time”. This is because, as with any computer (essentially what a smart phone is), it’s dependent on its programs to do anything. So, for example, your camera app has to be able to access the camera hardware “at any time” because the message that you have pressed the “button” to take the photo comes from the program – the smartphone doesn’t check that you are actually pressing the “take” button – and how could it? There isn’t one! Just an area on the screen where the camera program has drawn a nice graphic of a button. So, you are completely at the mercy of the camera program, that it only takes photos when you ask it to. And that’s how all apps work.

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Linux – A Free Operating System and gateway to Free Software

… and it’s all perfectly legal!

Yes, that’s right – there’s no catch. So, what is Linux and what can it do for us?

1. It can save you money

Linux is a replacement for Windows. Though you can set up your computer so that, when you start it, you can choose between Linux and Windows. Computers are generally sold with Windows installed. This is an OEM version of Windows which is cut price compared to buying it separately. They make their money through the adverts that get thrown at you, and by having time limited versions of Anti-Virus and Firewall software included – so people pay for Norton or MacAfee, both of which are rather better at slowing your computer down than stopping viruses. If you must have Windows delete this rubbish and download free versions of Avast anti-virus and Zone Alarm firewall. Here, I’m saving you money already! But where it can save you real cash is simple – you might have a computer where Windows is totally messed up, but there’s nothing at all wrong with the hardware. Why buy another when you can install Linux?

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