Hi – I’m a middle-aged git who has ceased to suffer fools gladly. I just want to share some random thoughts and put some stuff on the net so I can link to it instead of keep repeating myself.

I will write about some of my interests, in no particular order: Facebook, Music (my band Collibosher), Linux, Socialism, my Union (PCS), Football (Arsenal), as and when I feel like it. Don’t like it then don’t read it!


I joined Facebook late on in 2008, and it gave me a new lease of life. I met new people, I’ve broadened my horizons, but one thing is seriously pissing me off, and that is – I didn’t join Facebook to find out just how gullible people can be. And how easily I can upset them just by stating what ought to be plain and obvious. Read More…


Clearly “Spagnol” has something to do with Spain, its resemblance to the French word for Spanish, “espagnol” is clear enough. One theory seems to be that they were Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) victims of the Spanish Inquisition who fled to France, though they later converted to Catholicism. There are quite a few of us about now, all over the world, though the name is not all that common anywhere, and there is a Facebook Group trying to get to the bottom of it all.


I use a GNU and Linux-based system called PCLinuxOS. This gets me a full graphical desktop, which is more stable than its windows equivalent. The software is 100% free (and legally so). Not just free in the sense that you don’t have to pay for it, but also free in the sense that you are allowed to download and examine the source code, amend it for your own purposes, even republish it as amended provided you release it under the same terms.

It can get me on the net, with the latest versions of Chromium (unbranded Google Chrome) and Firefox. I can connect up to all my chat friends using Pidgin, Kopete or other programs which connect to MSN, GoogleTalk, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook Chat and all the rest. There is a version of Skype for Linux. The free office suite Libre Office is available for Linux, as is the sound editor Audacity, the sound and video player VLC, there are programs to carry out the tasks I need. I’ll be adding more soon….


We’ve got to a point where big business care only about profits and the more they can screw down the workforce the bigger profits they make. Governments depend on the largest monopolies so much that when they get themselves into trouble (e.g., UK banks) they bail them out. In the UK and most of the world, pension ages are being raised, wages forced down, rights at work under attack, because we are “in a recession”. Small business is also suffering, many going bankrupt. But the “big boys” are doing well. For them, and the bankers, and the dodgy firms set up to take privatised government contracts, it’s a bonanza and the sky’s the limit. That’s the future for Capitalism. The alternative is Socialism.

When they say “the system can’t afford to pay decent wages, or sustain jobs, or pay pensions” we say “we can’t afford the system”.

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  1. suzanne Easterbrook | Reply

    now , how do you see, the establishment, and its blindness to its own miss deeds ?XXX

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