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Facebook – Don’t add to the suffering of families

That’s a title isn’t it. How can you, a simple facebook user, make the suffering of certain families worse? Oh it’s so simple and so many people do it.

But at last there is a serious campaign against the “Sick child share hoaxes”. The latest such story doing the rounds is that of the “little girl with the huge belly“. Once again the story goes that for every time her photo is shared, money will be donated, enabling her to have an operation.


The first question one ought to ask is this: if a company, person, entity or Facebook itself, was going to donate money, don’t you think there would be a link to some more information on the internet, rather than some linguistically-challenged blurb under the photo, saying that someone will donate but not providing any evidence to back it up?

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Boy shot by dad Charity Hoax

A hoax has resurfaced, that whilst mum was at work, a 14-year old boy was shot by his evil stepfather as the boy tried to stop him raping his 2-year old sister. It says that “clicks” and “shares” will result in money being donated to a charity set up for the boy’s care. This is a typical Facebook hoax. The full analysis appears at Hoax-Slayer. Even if the incident were true (and there are no news reports to back it up), Facebook (nor anyone else) would not donate money on the basis of a number of shares/clicks/likes. Don’t share, like, or pass this on, it only encourages the sick people who start this nonsense.

Opening Gambit

This is my first post on WordPress. One of the things that seriously winds me up is when people spread nonsense around the internet without making the most rudimentary checks. Facebook is notorious for this. If you use facebook, please read what I have to say. You may think you are doing good when you forward a message, share an image, or copy a status, but 99% of the time you are not.

Until I put something worthwhile here, click on ABOUT, or hover over the other menu items on the bar…