Arise Sir Brendan!

Or: How even a Trade Union leader can get a knighthood under the Tories.

Just to prove that they’re fair, our ConDem government has knighted a Trade Union leader. For looking after the needs of Trade Union members? Well, you judge:

Brendan Barber, former General Secretary of the TUC, is now Sir Brendan Barber. His lifetime of “services to employment relations” has been rewarded. As an ordinary Trade Union member, I was hard-pushed to know exactly what services these were.

Never Elected by Members

Barber took a full time job at the TUC a year after leaving university. He gradually drifted up the promotions ladder without building a single union branch or winning a single election. He was there for 38 years without ever being elected by the membership. And looking back, it’s hard to find many examples of him having made the slightest difference either way.

Until 2011 that was, as 2.5 million workers, including my union struck over public sector pensions. Barber held secret talks with Tory ministers and pushed through the deal that got the strikes called off, and got the government exactly what they wanted. Members of unions were sold a pup, as there was nothing on the table that wasn’t there prior to the massive strike on 30th November that year.

That’s his “service to employment relations”—a service for the government!

Well no trade union leader would ever get a knighthood for pursuing their members interests and fighting for working people. Mind you, no self-respecting trade unionist would want one, would they? I mean, what type of union leader would sell out to this anti-trade union, anti-working class government?

(Shamelessly nicked from Facebook page: Contemptuous Underhand Nasty Tories)


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