Vote Left Unity in PCS Elections!

PCS Members will be receiving a ballot paper for their union elections around now. Many members organised into groups (departments) will receive two ballot papers, the second for their group executive committee. My group is the DWP so I receive the following two:

  1. The National Committee
  2. The DWP Group Committee

I support the Left Unity group. There are, of course, other people standing. There is a group that says that the current Left Unity leadership is not hardline enough. There are others that say that it is too hardline! The “Independent Left” group bases itself on members who are impatient and aren’t prepared for the less militant layers to catch up. I suspect that an IL leadership would be very militant on paper, but in practice, would lead very few struggles because the bulk of members would not follow them. They tend, as a group, to come in third in these elections. In my view they should throw in their lot with Left Unity, both groups want to fight back against what this Government are doing, and the differences are mainly over tactics, something that could be resolved.

The group who have been coming in second are the so-called “4TheMembers” group. In my view they should be called 4TheManagement. One of their leading lights has tried to undermine every action our union has taken over the last few years, circulating stuff criticising the union, with the tacit support of management. Their view is that members don’t really want to fight back, and that the union should do its best to negotiate what little it can. The problem with that is, management won’t give us anything. We have to take action to get any gains or concessions at all!

When 4TM are saying that, as a union, we are too militant, and IL are saying that we are not militant enough, I tend to conclude that Left Unity has got it about right. It’s not about taking action as a knee jerk reaction, nor is it about rolling over and playing dead. It’s about a leadership that picks and chooses our battles wisely, and in a way that takes members as far as they are willing to go, in order to get the best agreements possible.

It’s a hard struggle. Vote for these candidates for a union that continues to fight for your interests!

National Executive Committee

President (1)
Janice Godrich DWP
Vice Presidents (4)
Sue Bond EHRC Kevin McHugh R&C
Paula Brown HSE John McInally DWP
National Committee (30)
Ian Albert DWP Andy Jennings HO
Mark Baker DCLG Adam Khalif DWP
Clive Bryant R&C Neil License R&C
Ian Crossland DWP Marion Lloyd BIS
Alan Dennis MoD Dominic McFadden R&C
Mike Derbyshire MOJ Lorna Merry R&C
Mary Ferguson DWP Chris Morrison Comm Sect
Helen Flanagan DWP Marianne Owens
Cheryl Gedling Scot Exec Andy Reid R&C
Jackie Green MoJ David Richards CMEC
Kevin Greenaway MoJ Glenn Siddall-Butcher MoJ
Sam Hall DWP Derek Thomson DWP
Elenor Haven LandReg Karen Watts MoJ
Zita Holbourne ACAS Hector Wesley R&C
John Jamieson RoS Paul Williams DFT

DWP Group Executive Committee

President (1)
Fran Heathcote
Vice Presidents (5)
Martin Cavanagh John McInally
Helen Flanagan Katrine Williams
Adam Khalif
Assistant Secretaries (7)
Paul Barton Jim Holmes
Dave Burke Tom Penn
Christine Cuthbert David Richards
Sam Hall
Organiser (1)
Derek Thomson
Journal Editor (1)
Tony Church
Treasurer (1)
Bashir Chilwan
Group Exec Committee (21)
Ian Bartholemew Brian Nairn
Cat Boyd Dave Owens
Alison Carass Mark Page
Jason Ferraby Ian Pope
Janice Godrich Carol Revell
Angie Grant Annette Rochester
Sharon Green Sian Ruddick
Gavin Hartley Steve Swainston
Glen Hatwood Steve West
Kevin McCafferty Ian Wilkinson
Marie McDonagh

One response

  1. EPILOGUE: All but 4 of the above recommendations to the National Committee, and all but 1 for the DWP Group Committee, were elected. Their policies were overwhelmingly accepted by delegates to the recent PCS Conference. This will ensure the continuation of fighting socialist policies from PCS. Such a shame that other unions are not following suit.

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