Back Home, More Illness, and a more welcome Death

Back home from Malta, had a great weekend. Got a few songs in at the Karaoke and a huge applause for my first ever attempt at “Here Comes The Night”. And after the long Easter Weekend returned refreshed to work on 2nd April. Had a quite easy, stress-free day at work which is unusual after such an absence, but still managed to wake up sick the following morning. I had all this around June last year, one thing after another, and here it was again. I felt better on Sunday but by Monday it was back to square one. Monday the 8th April 2013. A day that started badly until ….

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

I was chatting on line to a friend when she told me that Thatcher had died. I had to start checking every news source, and they were all confirming it. The woman that had led a huge change in British Society, where our communities had been replaced with individual greed, the whole culture of “I’m all right Jack, sod everyone else” had started. It had shamefully continued under the government of Tony Blair PM. An anagram of Tony Blair PM is “I’m Tory Plan B”. And so it proved. Monetarism, privatisation, attacking the conditions of workers, putting people out of work, whilst all the time transferring huge amounts of money from the poor to the rich, it had all started with Thatcher.

It’s all very well saying that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. But this woman backed Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, General Pinochet, all despotic rulers who massacred their own people. After she used the police to defeat the miners, she repaid them by allowing a cover-up of their blunders at the Hillsborough disaster, resulting in the deaths of 96 Liverpool Football supporters. In doing so, she certainly spoke ill of the dead! She destroyed whole communities, decimating Britain’s industrial base, to build a service economy based on banking, so that the banks could demand to be bailed out when their gambles failed to pay off.

It’s all very well for the Tories to go on about scroungers, but where did all this anti-social, me first, mentality come from? As far as I can see, society in this country started to break down under Thatcher’s government.

Speaking Ill Of The Dead

I find the whole “don’t speak ill of the dead” thing hypocritical. But even if it was a good thing, she forfeited her right to such respect when she backed the cover-up over the Liverpool 96. What respect for the dead was there in The Sun’s reporting of the incident at the time, sanctioned as part of the cover up? After Pinochet’s army had overthrown the democratically elected Allende government in Chile in 1973, and rounded up countless thousands of Chileans and had them raped, tortured and murdered, where was the respect for the dead when she backed him? Or when she backed Pol Pot, one of the most murderous despots of all time, whose crimes against humanity made Hitler look like Mother Teresa, just because he was against the Eastern Bloc? And she backed and armed Saddam Hussein, as long as he was only killing his own people – until he went too far and decided to annexe Kuwait and threaten the West’s oil supplies.

She also backed the former apartheid government in South Africa, calling Nelson Mandela a grubby little terrorist. Nothing to do with her husband’s and son’s arms trading activities in that neck of the woods?

Thatcher danced on the graves of so many human beings, both at home and abroad. Why should we treat her any differently?

Jimmy SaVILE


They both screwed minors/miners

One of the most sickening aspects of Thatcher’s rule was her friendship with a certain sexual predator who loved to prey on underage girls and mental patients who were unable to protect themselves. When all the stuff came out about SaVILE, were we not allowed to speak ill of him because he is dead? Of course we were, so why all the hypocrisy? This horrible creature was only allowed to get away with what he did because of the power he had due to his close friendship with Thatcher. He was actually put in charge of hospitals housing Children and the mentally ill, over the head of the then Minister for Health Eggwina Currie, with no medical or management qualifications, totally due to the patronage of Thatcher. At the very least it was a grave error of judgement. The stuff about SaVILE, many knew but no-one was prepared to listen. But there were rumours about his behaviour toward underage girls going around in the early sixties, so I’m told by people much older than me. Any if he had that close access to the Prime Minister, you’d have thought the spooks would have checked him out and reported, so ignorance can be no excuse.

No cause for respect

So I can see no cause for respect to Mrs Thatcher. The only sad thing about her passing is that her policies haven’t died with her. That’s the next job. Thatcher’s Dead. Celebrate for a few days. Now let’s kill Thatcherism!!


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