Not posted for a while! Scattershot summary…

I was looking back at this site, something reminded me of the last thing I wrote in October and I realised that I hadn’t posted anything here since! Oops! So, what’s been happening?


Well loads really. Quite a few of my posts were about the relationship I was in at the time. I stopped writing about it. Although I kept her identity off this page, she asked me not to write about her any more. And I respected that. I will summarize that phase of my life to say that the problems kept recurring. There are times in your life when you realise that the easy way forward actually leads you onto a circular path and you end up back in the same place. Sometimes you have have to make harder decisions and I made one. That finished in November 2012.


A lot of the stuff I used to write about was about my group, Collibosher. Well they have their own site now, so musings about the group, unless very personal to me, will appear there. Please visit – more videos at the Collibosher website.


Well it just goes on, doesn’t it? Sometimes I despair. But my own union, PCS, continues to fight against the stream. I will miss the next strike, on Budget Day, 20th March 2013, because I will be on holiday and out of the country for 2 weeks. I think PCS has shown incredible patience whilst hoping that one or two other unions might turn defiant words into action, but there’s no evidence of that, so now we’re going it alone. I sincerely hope that others will join in. The whole edifice represented by this government, of the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, is built on sand. The only thing keeping it there is that the people who are being hit by their policies are pulling in different directions and blaming each other. The bankers and their servile governments got us into this mess. If you blame the unemployed, the “not really” sick, immigrants, the young, the old, etc., then what you are doing is letting the real culprits off the hook.

At a time when we ought to be fighting back, we see the Labour Party being absolutely useless. Worse than that, really. After Thatcher, the monetarist, Tory policies were carried on by Labour paving the way for this disgrace of a government. Nobody is representing workers any more, not politically. Yet the left is more fragmented than I’ve ever seen it. And the biggest disgrace to me is the left’s obsession with what are relatively minor differences whilst the ruling elite shits all over us. The next one being the tendency to hide behind respectability and ditch all talk of socialism as soon as a fascist appears on the horizon. Socialists are the only ones who have the answers to the ills of capitalism and thus arguments to counter the fascists. Keeping our policies quiet, just telling everyone that groups like the BNP and the EDL are indeed fascist, whilst offering no solutions to the problems facing working and middle class people is not the way to go. Worse, it fuels their argument that we are no different to the corrupt, mainstream politicians who we appear to be defending in that situation.

I could rant on about other stuff too, or attempt some proper analysis but that’s for another time.


I despair even more at times. People pass on supposed helpful information that could actually endanger lives.

Cough CPR is one, where rhythmic coughing could get you through a heart attack if you were on your own. But according to articles on Snopes and elsewhere, you’d have to be very trained and disciplined, but then in some cases, it may turn a non-fatal heart attack into a fatal one! Another I saw was warning you NOT to use your windscreen wipers if someone threw an egg and your car windscreen because it would form a white opaque cover on your windscreen and you’d have to stop – and that eggs were being thrown by gang members to force you to stop. So keep on driving, without using your wipers. Firstly there was no evidence that throwing eggs at cars was a tactic used by gangs to stop the cars – and second, the story about the opaque white cover is false. Your wipers will clear the screen no problem. So, if you believe this story, and some kids chuck eggs at your car, you will drive blind, not stop, and probably crash. These rumours put your life and others in danger!

The other thing I really hate are people spreading photos of disabled or injured babies. My cousin decided to put one on her wall. The baby’s head has a huge growth. When I pointed out to her that the photo may be getting used without the permission of the baby’s family, and it could be causing distress to them, she justified it by saying well at least people can pray. Fat lot of good that’s going to do! How old is the photo? Could the growth have been removed already? Could the baby be dead already? And what a justification – we can justify upsetting the poor thing’s family because it will enable people to pray? It’s a pigging freak show, be honest, and show some respect!

And I’ve not even got onto the allegations of all sorts of heinous crimes, spread around the net with no facts to back it up. It might be your turn one day! Just because someone is sending a message around saying that Joe Bloggs is a child molester, or animal abuser, doesn’t make it so.


I’m still using Linux, but I was struggling for the first time with PCLinuxOS. I hate to say this, but without Texstar problems are creeping in. Trouble is, trying out others, I keep finding bugs. I’m testing Mint-14 at the moment. Not 100% but the closest I’ve seen so far to something that might replace PCLOS. I’d much rather that it gets its act together, but I’m not holding my breath.

A couple of months ago I lost my mobile phone. I replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Enough has been said about this already, in so many places, but what really grabbed me is the Android OS. Because I have a GMail account, I was able to sync my address book and everything else to be fair, with my Google Contacts, Google Calendar etc. So I bought a cheap Android tablet. I was amazed that you can get a decent 10″ one for £165 including postage. I’ve been playing with it this weekend, and I must admit that it’s very convenient for some things. It’s not great, but it’s a different experience to, say, a netbook, and I could easily get into it.

More proper articles soon…


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  1. I am really sorry and distressed to read that PCLinuxOS is having trouble. I would have nowhere or no place to go. 😦
    Spend too much time on the computer anyway.

    1. Hi mixedupmeme, I’ve just installed the Release Candidate of PCLinuxOS-KDE64 and it seems to be everything that the 32-bit version is not. Stable and rock solid, and the apps that were missing that stopped me trying it earlier, are now there. GoogleEarth and Skype both work nicely. Great! I can return home now.

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