Will I get better?

This is getting beyond a joke – on Sunday I woke up feeling I had a cold. Just a little one, nothing to worry about, and we had a band practice that afternoon. When I got to the pub, my bass amp wasn’t there in the basement. I checked all the nooks and corners, thinking I was late and my bandmates had played a practical joke, but no, they were later than I was! Went back up to the bar, and there it was, large and life and twice as ugly, on the stage. It had been borrowed, as it turned out with Mark’s permission. Jason had promised to take it back to the basement, but was too drunk at closing time and came back Sunday to find we were already practising and had lugged it, and a few other bits, down.

Band Practice

I think the practice went really well. Except for my lead, which I trod on, near the amp, and damaged the plug, in Witham on 2nd June, and was connecting on a wing and a prayer on 4th,  but we found some leads. However they weren’t very good either, and we had to try a number of different ones before I could use my new pedal without a deafening hum! That said, we run through our set pretty much without error, until we got to some new songs we’re trying out. They took a couple of goes, but they came together, too! And yes, the bass pedal does add something, it’s subtle, but it’s there, and I think it will be a good addition to my kit.

Went home and watched the football, but after, had an early night because I thought with the cold, I’d need a little extra rest before work yesterday.

Off sick again

As it turned out, when I woke up Monday morning, my cold had turned from a little one to a huge one. Splitting headache, rasping sore throat, and, worst of all, every time I coughed, sneezed of even cleared my throat, I got a pain suggesting that my left side was going to split open just above the hip. Needless to say I’m off sick again.

I phoned the doctor and got an appointment for today (Tuesday) at 7pm. I’m wondering whether my recent illness has left my immune system down. At present I’m in less pain than yesterday but still have a high temperature, and the pain in my side is not quite as bad because I have to cough, sneeze and clear my throat less often!

Black and Yellow, and Electric Blue

Still, it’s an ill wind that blows no-one any good, and I got in front of my computer and had a good look around for some better quality guitar leads. Also I had time on my hands and decided to acquaint my Fender bass with its new, black nylon, strings. As they have yellow braiding at the ends, and the leads I liked come braided in a number of colours, I went for yellow for them, too. 3m and 6m, amp to pedal, pedal to bass. With the electric blue finish on the Fender, these strings do look the business, but until it’s plugged into my amp again, well, fingers crossed !!

Anyway, we’ll soon find out what’s wrong. Meanwhile, with a bit of time on my hands, I thought I’d try out Opera browser. For some reason, I find that Firefox has got too big and clunky with too many menus and toolbars and not enough internet display. Chromium (aka Google-Chrome) just seems to swallow memory like it’s going out of fashion. Giving Opera a try, I noticed that, yes, it has its quirks, but its interface is clean like it never used to be, it’s quick, and it’s not system-resource hungry. Few strange bits here and there, but yep, it works for me! They invite you to get a log-in so that you can synchronise your Opera across different computers. In doing this they give you an email address and blog space! So I decided to use it. Have a look.


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  1. Archie from the PCLinuxOS dev team has built an update of Chromium which appears less memory hungry, and Opera won’t put up the “upload from computer” dialogue in WordPress, at least in Linux. So Chromium is back in favour!!

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