What a horrid fortnight!

If my band’s live performances, my birthday, and my lovely girlfriend between them got June off to a flying start, what followed was not so good.

My fridge had broken down, and rather stupidly I relied on my nose to decide what food was ok to eat and what needed to be discarded. Waking up on 5th June, I felt really bad, but got up anyway. But I couldn’t go out – I was scared to stray too far from the loo. My lady had to go to the station on her own, and would be returning to her own home that night after work. This same problem continued into mid afternoon, after which I felt a little better. One thing I did that day, while I was stuck indoors, was to process the videos from Harlow and later leave them uploading to YouTube overnight, it really does take a while.


Due back to work on 6th June, no way could I go in. Like the previous morning, all over again – so I had to go sick. Thursday was a little different – I think I was dehydrated following the previous two days, and woke up as if I hadn’t slept for a week, so… another sickie from work. I went in Friday and felt fine, but Saturday morning it was back to square one.

Retail Therapy

Well I guess it was time to get in touch with my feminine side and do a bit of retail therapy – but I hate shops!! Even ones that sell things with flashing lights! This is where the internet comes in. Very handy too. But it wasn’t just the fact that I felt ill, because balanced against that, playing back the videos from 4th June had become a source of pleasure. In an open air gig, with someone offstage setting up the mix, we must have sounded really good – because the tape that was made with my old DV Camcorder was very good – I was shocked, really!

So my purchases were about trying to improve things further in that area.

Bass Guitar Strings!

I treated my Fender bass to a set of Rotosound black nylon covered strings – I hope that will mean that I won’t have to wear a piece of insulating tape over my right thumb to stop it getting blistered. I also got a set of Rotosounds, the “66” series for my cheap bass. I think that it has potential – physically it’s very solid, and refuses to wander out of tune. So those, with a pack of picks, hope to get a more 60s sound from it for some of our songs. I’m also considering buying a set of Fender pickups for it, the classic 60s design set are not that dear these days – it’s the 3rd party upgrades that set you back loads. But for now, we’ll see how we get on.

I treated the basses and the amp to a foot-pedal, a Behringer BDI-21, between them. This allows for adjustment of the sound, with an on-off footswitch. It’s got rave reviews on line despite its cheap price. It’s not only an effects pedal but it also has an XLR socket to plug it straight into the microphone socket on a PA amp, which may also help in larger venues, fill the bass out a little.

Since getting the 2nd bass guitar I was short of a strap and a case, so I got those as well, though strangely 2 straps turned up with no receipt!


I also treated my mobile phone to a screen protector – I can actually get rid of the cover that turns it into a brick, and put it in my pocket with my coins and rubbish. Oh and I treated it to a new Sim Card from GiffGaff. That was also a good decision I think. You pay £10 a month and get 250 minutes talk time, plus all texts and internet though I’m reliably told that if you take the piss with the internet and tether it to your computer they’ll ban you! Got a couple of other bits and pieces.

The following Monday I was still sick. Of course from Tuesday things I had ordered at the weekend started getting delivered. The big stuff arrived on Wednesday when I was at the doctor’s! Typical. At least the sorting office isn’t far from me, so as soon as I felt able to get out without, well you know…! – I could go and collect them.

I Hate Yodel (nothing against the Swiss though)

On Thursday midday I went down to check my post. Later after 5:30pm I had to go downstairs for something and decided to check  it again – and there was a calling card from Yodel – they had tried to deliver a parcel but I wasn’t in!! Really? My intercom didn’t ring all day – and between the first trip down and the second, I had not been in the shower! I followed the instructions on the card to arrange another delivery on line, but of course the site didn’t work. It eventually did, nearly midnight and I asked for the following day. It accepted it but having experienced this firm before I wasn’t holding my breath.

The intercom rang early Friday afternoon while I was cooking. I said I was on my way down, but of course I had to rescue the food! I got there and nothing. I opened the outer door, and there was no van, no delivery person, just a parcel addressed to me propped up against the wall in a busy street off the Town Centre. Unbelievable!

On the Sunday I felt better but didn’t want to risk going out until I’d felt well the whole day, so I spent much of it installing the latest test version of PCLinuxOS on my computer. I’m going to have to write something about that, separately. Including explaining what it is I guess! I’ll do that next!

Sick Again

Back to work on Monday, and I was fine. Until I was woken by a sickly pain in my chest at 3am Wednesday morning. Nasty – I spent the next two hours being sick, eventually getting back to bed around 5. Of course I was so tired I slept through the alarm, and I’ve had to take another sickie! I don’t like this and I’m not used to it.

So here I am, it’s the middle of the week and I’m at home in the afternoon. I’ve just taken the last antibiotic that I got prescribed last Wednesday, and I hope I’ll be better tomorrow as I hate this, I really do.


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  1. The epilogue is that I got back to work on Thursday, despite still feeling shattered, and then had what was a fairly normal Friday. Nice to be normal again!

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