Things are happening!

One thing about life these days, there always seems to be something happening.

Tomorrow I’m on strike, part of my union PCS. We are protesting about the attack on our pensions, but don’t think for a moment that we are spurred purely by self-interest. People in this country seem, on the whole, totally demoralised. We’re sitting back and letting our government raise the pension age to 68 for both men and women. Living longer? Not for long, with what they’re doing to the NHS.

Of course, the papers will scream about some underserving people, whether it’s public servants like myself, or some group of foreigners, but of course this misses the whole point. The top people on the Rich List are the only people whose standards of living are rising, and by a whole 5%. The rest of us, all of us, working people, unemployed, sick, pensioners, old, young, British or immigrant, are being screwed and the bastards have got us fighting among ourselves while they laugh and get richer at our expense. About time we wised up. In the words of Paul Weller, “it would be easy, so so easy…”


The group, coLLibosher, has arranged an extra gig by way of a warm up. We’ll be playing in the Cherry Tree pub, Wood Lane, Dagenham, RM8 3LJ, at 4pm on Sunday 27/5/12. It’s preparation for two charity gigs the following weekend, and of course the big do in aid of SANDS on 7th July. Meantime, you might want to have a look at our videos.

PCS Conference

Before that, I’ll be at the PCS Conference from 20 to 25 May in Brighton. Although there will be criticism in some quarters, I expect that delegates will endorse the direction of the union. My opinion is that we’ve led the way and been let down by others. Certain unions (we know which ones) disgracefully “sold” the government’s pension changes to their members and told them that they’d negotiated away the worst aspects. Are those members in for a shock. Leading a union is not about having a comfy life, it’s about sacrifice and more sacrifice. That’s why I don’t do it. But I know a lot of the Left Unity people on the National Committee and various group committees of PCS, and I know how much they give up for us.

2 responses

  1. Appreciate the reply on FB even though was negative at least you bothered. You are right that some unions have sold out but its due to a lack of appreciation of how our monetary system works. This might be counter intuitive to what you have been taught but there is no “affordibility” issue, if it wanted our government doesnt even have to borrow, the oldest neolib (considering 300 years ago calling it neolib is quite funny) scam is privatising sovereign credit (yes credit not debt) through the BoE. Taxes do not fund spending per se… spending has to come before spending, a quick think about a fiat currency should show you that, go to year dot and if a government doesnt spend what is there to tax?
    Remember someones debt is someones asset so when they whitter on about national debt and being repaid who does it get repaid to? mostly its own citizens.

  2. Doh spending has to come before taxing.

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