Collibosher Videos!!

Yesterday (28 April 2012) we booked the stage room at Gerpins Farm for a practice. I was introduced to my new bass amp. I also brought along my video camera, as last time we practiced there, Russ’s partner Vicki came with their video camera, but it wouldn’t work! This time neither Vicki nor their camera turned up, but there is a cupboard at the back of the room, far enough away, and at the right height for a nice shot of the stage. After we’d been through our normal practice run, we switched on the camera, crossed our fingers, and hoped it all came out OK. After all, it’s an old DV tape camera, with a built in mic, and was just sitting on a wooden shelf, so we were not expecting too much!

As it turns out, they came out pretty well, a little vocal distortion but nothing serious. Maybe the drums could have come through louder, especially on the guitar solos, but a fair balance nevertheless. Intended for our own use, they are good enough to publish to the world! And here they are!!

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