Good news for a change

My brother and singer of Collibosher, Mark, seems to be a bit of a terror when it comes to microphone leads. He always ends up sounding like the feller out of Wheeltappers and Shunters Club before the lead packs in totally. The obvious solution? Wireless mics! Russ reckoned the cheapest ones that are good enough come in a pair, well over £100, from Maplin’s. I found what I thought he was referring to on Maplin’s site, £169.99. I had a look for reviews on the net. General view is that they have a very good sound, well above the price. So I looked for other sellers, and found one for £137.90!

The receiver mixes both mics through a single jack lead (supplied) but if you get balanced XLRs you can plug them into your PA separately, so I ordered a couple of short leads. Also a stand for me. And a 6m guitar lead for my bass. £171 all told. Well everything except the 6m lead arrived today, and I’ve also got a refund because the mics, advertised on line at £137.90, have been reduced to £129.00, £40.99 cheaper than Maplins!

Won’t be able to test the quality until the weekend’s practice, but so far it leaves me thinking I’ve done pretty well.

I don’t think Russ was thinking of the mics I got, because the ones he was thinking of did not have the option for separate channels into the PA. These ones are the next ones up by the same firm (KAM) so I’m pleased.


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  1. The 6m guitar lead arrived on Saturday, and there were no issues with it. If anything it seems better than the 3m one I have. As for the radio mics, so far the sound seems really good. Of course, Mark’s voice still broke up, but this time a nasty cold was to blame!

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