A very good evening!

Actually, it’s been a very good Easter weekend, though before Thursday it hadn’t promised much!

It still threatened not to turn out as good as it did, when I was picked up by Chris, our guitarist, to go to band practice, Man¢h€$t€r ¢it€h were somehow clinging on to 0-0, but this all changed by the time we picked up my brother, Mark, from the Cherry Tree. Arteta, Goal, 1-0 to the Arsenal! I used to go to matches, but in those days you didn’t need a season ticket, you could stand on the terraces and have a laugh. Unfortunately times have changed, it’s all about money these days. Never more so than when you play ¢it€h and ¢h€£$ki. When you’ve had so many good players defect to the blue half of Manchester, with promises of trophies and huge salaries using money robbed by a Sheikh from his people, it’s not only nice to show them a little class, but also to beat them. Deservedly and decisively despite the scoreline.


I really must get a new PVR. The one I have has packed in. I’m torn between whether I should get something basic like what I had, or something all-singing all-dancing that connects to the internet and so on. But last night I had to rely on Arsenalist as I got home far too late to see the highlights on Match of the Day. Thanks, Mr Arsenalist, of Toronto. You’ve never met me but you’re a true friend!

Anyway, back to Band Practice. Mark said we had some friends of his coming around 8pm, so could we run through a couple of new songs first, then go through the set when they arrive. What he didn’t tell us was that the friend is Paul, one of the “scooterists” who meet at the Cherry Tree, where the guvnor had offered us the pub basement for practice. Paul’s a keen VespaBoy, and has some influence, and he brought his Mrs and Grandkids. Little Jam fans! What with Paul being a great Who fan, as well as Small Faces and Kinks, we had to be good.

coLLibosher gig in August!

Russ, our drummer, turned up with his wife, Vicky, too. I’d have brought my video camera – they brought theirs, but it decided to have an off night. Shame. We played a good session. Didn’t do too badly at all. Paul and family impressed. He now wants to arrange for us to do a gig in August in the pub. Sounds like a plan! We attempted a few other songs, we’re picking stuff up quickly now. Mark wasn’t well and I wasn’t much better, so it took its toll, and we had a laugh and messed about with some punk songs after they’d gone.

Got home to find that Paul had written something nice on the coLLibosher page on Facebook. Watched footie highlights on Arsenalist, and went to bed around 2am. All we need now is a revolution to overthrow this stinking government, and things would really be looking up! Too much to ask?


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  1. … and now the Sp*rs lost at home to Norwich! It keeps getting better.

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