Life back on track…

Yesterday I went to see my girlfriend. We had a great day. Before I left, she told me something that may have a bearing on why she is so lacking in confidence. I’m not going to share it here, suffice to say that couples argue, and in doing so say things they don’t mean to hurt each other. Some of those things may have a greater, longer term effect. If you meet someone at my age, they always have a past, and you never know what that past may have done to them. Overall, it was a day that made me feel that our decision to get back together again was the right one. It was lovely.

My Band coLLibosher



And of course, part of getting back to normal is about other routines. Tonight, coLLibosher will be together again after my holiday, and practising in a rented room for the last time (with any luck). We’ve been given a practice room in a pub basement in return for some gigs in the main pub (exposure!). This on the strength of a couple of videos posted on YouTube. It just goes to show. We need to sharpen up, as we have gigs in Witham on 2nd June and Harlow on 4th June. Today, Essex, tomorrow, who knows?

My Union PCS / Wider Issues

And of course, with Easter out of the way, it will be back to the fight! Our pensions are still under attack and the fight continues. Well it does for some of us. I’m disgusted at how some unions are selling this to their members, as if some sort of victory was plucked out of the ashes. No amount of tinkering around the edges will change the fact that their members will pay more, and work longer, for less pension. This Government is bringing in changes that will mean people basically work until they drop. We truly are a Con-Dem Nation. We also have an opposition that, well, doesn’t.

I’m no fan of George Galloway, but his victory does prove that, given the right situation, people will support a candidate who stands against the banks, and the forcing down of living standards for most of us while the rich get even richer. All in this together? Yeah, right. There’s a group called TUSC that is opposing the cuts, and they’ll have my vote if standing in my constituency. I’m not going to vote Labour just because they have a better chance of outing the Tories. As far as I can see there’s no difference anyway. The attacks on the Sick, Unemployed, Public Sector Workers, Private Sector Workers and Pensioners started under Labour, all this bunch of public-school Hooray Henrys have done is stepped it up.


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