Looking for hairs on my palm…

They say that a well-known sign of madness is hair on the palm of your hand, but better evidence is looking for it. Well I must be looking for a forest of hair on my palms.

Last night my girlfriend (for want of a better term but you know what I mean) contacted me. First off I rebuffed her. The sensible side of my brain said that anything else would be stupid, but I knew then it was a losing battle, as my heart had already skipped a beat when I got the message. She contacted me again, and basically a sort of dialogue took place. I couldn’t sleep in the end and had to take a day’s leave today.

Fit to drop

Against my better judgement, we met today. We had a long chat when she told me of an experience she’d had which explained a lot. But even before that, I just wanted to hold her. Anyway, I’m emotionally drained after the last week, and feel about fit to drop. She’s gone home now.

So that’s it. We’re back together, and I’m officially insane. Every ounce of logic and reason says that I should have told her to get lost. But that’s what love does. I wrote on my Facebook page:

You will think I am totally mad, but a lot has happened since my last post. The upshot is that me and girlfriend are back together again. All I wrote was very cathartic, because I didn’t expect ever to hear from her again. The advice I got from friends was spot on to be fair. But falling in love is in itself a form of madness, it certainly makes you revise rational judgements and take big gambles. I couldn’t go through the last week again, so let’s hope we’ve fixed everything!

Just after she went, I got a call from my soon to be ex-wife, and went downstairs to collect a letter from her. It’s some forms to fill in to enable us to separate our finances, which will then enable a straightforward, agreed, divorce. All of a sudden, life is looking up!


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