No work today… off tomorrow!


Maltese Islands

I had a nice lie-in this morning, now it’s on to the serious stuff of packing. Things to do…. I must locate the charger for my camera battery – very important! I know the passport isn’t far. I’ve packed enough clothes I think. Medications.

The worst thing to me about flying out is not the thought of crashing. It’s the period from when you’ve closed your suitcase until when you get it back and open it, being convinced that you forgot something important.

Murder in Marsascala!

I am staying in Malta, in a town called Marsascala. Lovely place, but just to make me feel like I’m still here in the East End, they’ve gone and had a murder! This is a small island, and if someone farts, everyone in the country knows who did it, so I expect that the killer will be brought to justice. But a few days before you’re due to fly out, it’s not the best timing, is it?

Meanwhile, the ballot result of my union PCS, regarding the future of the Pensions dispute, should be announced today. I needed to get away for a couple of weeks, but, as a Branch Secretary in the union, with AGMs at the start of the year, elections, and preparations for the Annual Delegate Conference, I went through last year’s calendar and this year’s timetable and found the only two weeks where I wouldn’t be needed. And booked them. I really should have known better, shouldn’t I?

Scum who rob pensioners

Well I hope the ballot goes well, and if called, the action does too. There used to be a name for low-life scum who robbed pensioners, well now we need a name for overprivileged scum who are doing the same thing, including to those of us who haven’t retired yet! Keeping old people in work might save money from one pot, but what about the social cost of youth unemployment? If people can’t retire, the jobs don’t become vacant.

In some respects I’m glad of my age, because I will be able to take the retirement I was promised many years ago. But for those slightly younger people following, I really feel sorry for them. Working up to 70? It’s just too much and it’s not as if there are loads of jobs for those unemployed.

The rich say my pension is unfair

Still, the average MP gets a great pension and for very few years’ service. Add to that the directorships and wealth they accumulate as a result of their position. They say my pension is not fair on people poorer than me, but the only people attacking my pension are considerably richer than me. If others are getting a bad deal on pensions, do something about it!

In this country, politicians use envy to divide different groups of poor and no-so-poor people, while they and the rich they represent are just getting richer. Of course as soon as you point this out, then they go off about envy and these people worked hard for what they have. Yep, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth is a real burden, isn’t it?


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