Facebook – Don’t add to the suffering of families

That’s a title isn’t it. How can you, a simple facebook user, make the suffering of certain families worse? Oh it’s so simple and so many people do it.

But at last there is a serious campaign against the “Sick child share hoaxes”. The latest such story doing the rounds is that of the “little girl with the huge belly“. Once again the story goes that for every time her photo is shared, money will be donated, enabling her to have an operation.


The first question one ought to ask is this: if a company, person, entity or Facebook itself, was going to donate money, don’t you think there would be a link to some more information on the internet, rather than some linguistically-challenged blurb under the photo, saying that someone will donate but not providing any evidence to back it up?

Ah, well, maybe there is no donation, but, just in case, it can’t hurt can it? Yes it can!! Do you know how old the photo is? Whether the child is dead or alive? Whether the child has been cured? Where the photo comes from? And, assuming that this was a very difficult time for the child and the parents, do they want to be reminded? And if the child is already dead, what will this do to the poor parents? And finally, how would you like it if some idiot spread photos of your child all over the place, to all and sundry? Not much, I guess.

Child Abuse

Actually to me, this is a form of child abuse. OK, it’s not actually like grabbing hold of a toddler and punching his face, but it’s abuse none-the-less. Think of the pædophiles who’ve been caught with child porn pictures on their computers. So, what’s the difference between spreading that sort of stuff around, and that of kids covered in bruises? If you spread that stuff around, you are just as bad as people who physically punch children. More to the point, do you know how the bruises came about? Was the child abused by an adult? Just because someone started sharing a picture saying this on Facebook doesn’t make it so.

Attacked by another child

A recent example of this is the case of a 3-year old girl who was attacked by another child, aged 2, at a nursery. The photo was used to start another “Stop Child Abuse” campaign on Facebook. Yes, stop child abuse, starting with people who abuse children by circulating photos making false claims. The girl’s face is not beyond recognition, and she may be out with her mum, and people will think her mum attacked her. Hoax-Slayer describes the share campaign as Pointless and Exploitative. Spot on! A few months ago, a picture of a girl savaged by a dog back in 2002 (but now thankfully fully recovered) was circulated with a story how she was beaten and killed by her mother for writing in lipstick on a clean bedsheet. As you can see, these photos are easily found on the internet. So, to quote the Boomtown Rats, don’t believe what you read. Don’t believe me either. If you have Facebook you have the internet, Google, Yahoo or some other search engine. Have a look around, and see where the evidence leads you.

Check out my page: Facebook, how not to be an idiot. And don’t forget sites like:

Enjoy Facebook, but don’t be one of the Sheeple!


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