Express Hypocrisy on Pensions

Finally escaped the office. I should have a huge smile on my face, but I managed to get angered on the way home. Popped into the corner shop and the Daily Express headline was screaming out at me: NEW EU RULES WRECK PENSIONS!! Not wanting to buy the Tory rag, I had a quick peek, and found the article on the internet. It’s basically speculation about rules for Sexual Equality making saving for one’s retirement more expensive for men. Meanwhile, when this Con-dem government, and private employers, wreck pensions for their own employees, the Excess just attacks the workers! Typical really.

Part of the article reads:

Under the proposals, 6,400 UK companies with defined benefit or final salary schemes would be required to put in considerable sums to cut their deficits.

But experts warn this would cost billions of pounds, cause huge job losses and force the closure of the remaining generous final salary pension schemes.

Hang on, isn’t that what companies are doing anyway? So it’s not the fault of employers wanting to maximise profits at the expense of their workforce, or the Government stealing from public sector workers to pay the bankers. It’s all the fault of the EU’s gender equality regulations. Yeah, right! Well I’m no lover of the EU, but let’s not blame them for what this government is doing.


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