One more day to go…

I remember when I was at school a song we used to sing on the last day of term:

One more day to go
One more day of sorrow
One more day in this old dump
And we’ll be home tomorrow

Well I’m at work tomorrow – not that I get to my office until the afternoon, yet another personal case to deal with in another office. Then back to my own office, hopefully clear up some guff then I’m FREE! I’ve got Friday at home to do whatever I like, then on Saturday early evening on a plane to Malta with my lovely girlfriend. We will be staying with another friend I met on the net (though we met in London shortly before she moved to Malta!).

By the way I just made another friend on the net, from Malta, another Spagnol! My dad comes from there, I wonder if we could be related? That’s another meeting I need to arrange once there!


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