Collibosher News

ImageWe had a good practice this morning. The other news is that Collibosher has a couple of gigs lined up. They’re both for charity and we’ll be playing for nothing but at least it’s a chance to play a full set to an audience, something we’ve not done yet.

They are within 2 days of each other, 2nd and 4th June, first in Witham, Essex and second in Harlow, Essex. We hope to get someone to operate a video camera at both gigs, and we’ll get some material up on the net.

Before our first open mic turn at The Crown Inn last November, I don’t think I had played in public for maybe 25 or more years. I’d rehearsed with a few guys, including our current guitarist, about 15 years ago. Hadn’t even picked up a bass guitar in anger, so I’m quite pleased with how things are going. The old fingers aren’t as nimble as they once were, so I’m having to play a more controlled style, But we’re sounding good in rehearsal and that’s OK.

More details of the gigs will follow nearer the dates.


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